Online Oboe Lessons
I live in taipei and teach oboe for many years.
There are a few tools needed for online oboe lessons:
Musical instrument + keyboard instrument + video of music explanation + handwritten lesson note (to be given to students immediately) + accompaniment audio file + stable network speed + removable video lens + new progress pdf file = (a week later) a pdf file of notes with class date and class progress, supplementary content, picture of the oboe student playing music in class (for checking his own posture).
Many people have different opinions on online music lessons. Personally, I think that the quality of online music lesson depends on the teacher and the students. After my own online class, I feel that it is harder than face-to-face class.
Because I didn’t take the net beauty route (not beautiful enough), and I didn’t look at the camera then smile and say hello, it took 5 minutes (the smile would freeze).
Do not take the blind test route (unless the lens is broken or the headset microphone is broken).